To a Friend

    “To a Friend,” Ensign, June 1971, 86

    To a Friend

    Do you ever wonder, my

    dear friend, where it began,

    our similar

    mind and thought? Were we as one

    in time without an end, unborn

    intelligence, and unbegot?

    And have I walked beside you yet

    before, eternally progressing

    down the light? Together did

    we stand on heaven’s shore

    and fling

    our questions at the listening night?

    And when the summons

    came for one

    to go, and one a very little

    time to wait, I think we must

    have clung together, so, and vowed

    our friendship at the mortal gate.

    I heard you cry as I began the fall,

    “Oh, promise to recall! recall! recall!”