Doctrinal Mastery

Helping students build their foundation on Jesus Christ

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Seminary's doctrinal mastery lessons help students strengthen their foundation on Jesus Christ. Students learn to understand and rely on His teachings and Atonement. As a result, doctrinal mastery prepares youth to meet life's challenges. The youth learn how to find answers to their questions.

Doctrinal mastery focuses on two outcomes:

  1. Learn and apply the divine principles for acquiring spiritual knowledge.
  2. Master the doctrinal mastery scripture passages and the doctrine of the gospel of Jesus Christ that they teach.

Doctrinal Mastery for the 2022 Old Testament Year

S&I is currently preparing the 2023 curriculum. The new manual will include doctrinal mastery and other supporting materials. Local areas will continue with the plans they have in place for the rest of 2022. These plans use available resources. Doctrinal mastery should be a regular part of a teacher's pacing guide.

Please use the supplemental doctrinal mastery lessons. They are available in most languages. All the Old Testament course materials are on the S&I Employee Intranet. (Stake teachers, please see your coordinator for these items.)