What is Doctrinal Mastery?

An inspired uplift to Scripture Mastery, Doctrinal Mastery deepens students' faith in God and His doctrine.

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Doctrinal Mastery is an inspired initiative intended to help seminary students follow the Lord’s pattern for discovering truth and finding answers to their questions. Doctrinal Mastery helps students “deepen their understanding of true doctrine, learn associated scripture references, and practice using those verses and the doctrine they teach to apply the gospel and to learn how to think about and answer their questions” (Chad H Webb, “Doctrinal Mastery” [Seminaries and Institutes of Religion satellite broadcast, June 14, 2016]). Doctrinal Mastery builds upon and replaces previous initiatives, such as Scripture Mastery, Basic Doctrines, and Seek Truth.

Doctrinal Mastery and its intended outcomes are more fully explained in the Doctrinal Mastery Core Document.


The following resources help define and clarify the purposes of Doctrinal Mastery:

For additional information, see the Doctrinal Mastery FAQ.