Curriculum Training
Quick Start Guide

“Quick Start Guide,” Seminary Curriculum Training (2022)

“Quick Start Guide,” Seminary Curriculum Training

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Quick Start Guide

Using the Seminary Teacher Manual

Before You Begin Teaching

  1. Study the introduction to the seminary teacher manual for the current year to familiarize yourself with some of the tools included in the manual to help you.

  2. Obtain a lesson pacing guide for your local seminary schedule from your S&I coordinator or program administrator.

  3. Use this pacing guide to identify the next lesson you will teach.

Overview of the Seminary Teacher Manual

  • This manual is organized to coordinate with the Come, Follow Me study material for each week and includes five lessons for each week.

  • Each set of five lessons is separated by a document that provides a brief overview of each lesson. This overview includes

    • lesson purposes;

    • student preparation ideas;

    • object lesson ideas and suggested handouts, images, videos, or other materials that may require advanced notice to prepare; and

    • videoconference teaching suggestions.

  • Every week includes at least one doctrinal mastery learning experience.

  • Periodically, an “Assess Your Learning” lesson is included to help students reflect on what they are learning and how they are growing in terms of knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors that deepen conversion and help them to become more like Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ.

Additional Training

Along with the introduction to the seminary teacher manual, the following resources are available for additional training:

  • Training meetings with your coordinator or program administrator to address questions you have and to practice teaching skills

  • Teacher development skills training

  • Adopt then adapt seminary curriculum training

  • Doctrinal mastery training

  • Assessments training