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190th Annual General Conference: At Home - Utah

Just as you seek peace, joy, hope, and inspiration, so do your friends, neighbors, and all of humankind. Here are some ideas to help someone who is new to general conference have a great experience.

Share the “What is General Conference?” page with your friends. This page gives a simple overview of conference, how to watch it, and links to previous general conferences.

Share your favorite image or video below with “Peace in Christ” or a favorite general conference quote to invite your friends and followers on social media to attend general conference. As you post the image on your social media page or story, consider sharing how general conference has personally blessed you. As you share a simple testimony of finding peace, hope, and inspiration, your friends will recognize the importance of general conference to you and may have a desire to tune in and learn more. Use the hashtag #generalconference.

Young adults around the world share what they are looking for at April 2021 Easter General Conference.
What are you looking for at Easter General Conference?

In times of uncertainty, the gospel of Jesus Christ offers peace.

This October, join us for a virtual global gathering of learning and faith.

Hear messages of hope.


And love.

What message does God have for you? #HearHim

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