How to Talk About Your Faith Naturally

The gospel of Jesus Christ answers some of life’s biggest questions, so it’s only natural that some of those topics should come up in our daily lives. When that happens, it’s a prime opportunity to talk about your beliefs.

Faith-related symbols

People will often recognize objects and symbols that are associated with the gospel or the Church. Be mindful of the things you wear or display and be prepared to answer questions about them. Here is a list of everyday symbols people might ask you about:

  • A painting of Jesus on your wall
  • A picture of the temple as your phone lock screen
  • A photo of your wedding day
  • A CTR ring
  • A Book of Mormon on your desk
  • BYU gear

Explain your values

Maybe a co-worker invites you for drinks after work. Or your friend wants to go shopping on Sunday. There are many situations where you will have to explain your beliefs. Don’t just say, “I can’t do that,” or “It’s against my religion.” Let them know that it’s a choice you’ve made and why. For example, you could say, “We can go shopping another day. I try to focus on family and Church on Sunday. That’s my way of keeping the Sabbath day holy.”

Don’t shy away from mentioning church

When someone asks about your weekend or how your life is going, it’s normal to bring up church among other activities you did. Share about an interesting speaker you heard on Sunday or how your calling is going. Be open and honest about your own religious practices and ask them about theirs.

Use social media for good

Take out your phone and do a quick scroll through your social feed. See any doom and gloom? Probably. Bring more positivity to people’s feeds with inspiring content and simple expressions of faith. Apply what you believe to today’s situations and show people how your faith has helped you.

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Live your beliefs

There are many things you can do to authentically share your faith, but one of the most effective is simply to live that faith. Others will see your Christlike care and concern for others. Ask God how you can be the best example of a Christian and Latter-day Saint, and people will naturally want to know more.

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