Share the Gospel by Serving Together

People naturally want to help others. Often, they just need an invitation! And service is a great way to meet other members of the ward.

Inviting Others to “Come and Help”

Serving with others as Christ did is another way to share your faith. Even if a friend isn’t interested in going to church or meeting with missionaries, they’re often happy to help someone in need.

Every community is in need of volunteers, and every act of service—both big and small—can bless the lives of those around you.  As you’re thinking of opportunities to invite people to serve with you, here are a few places they might be able to join you or your family:

  • Family, ward, or stake service projects
  • Neighborhood projects
  • Donating to a food, clothing, or blood drive
  • Serving at a homeless shelter or food bank
  • Volunteering at a local school, senior living center, daycare, animal shelter, or hospital

You can find service opportunities by talking to local contacts and family, visiting your city’s community center or website, or checking out these links:


Church Farms and Processing Plants

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