Share the Gospel by Serving Others

Inviting a friend to serve with you brings the blessings of Christlike service for you, your friend, and the people who are receiving help.

Service projects

When we feel the love Jesus has for us, it’s natural to want to share that love. You can be a good resource for friends who have that desire. In addition to ward and stake service projects, you can also share as a constant resource for volunteer opportunities. JustServe allows anyone to search for service opportunities in their area or upload information about a volunteer opportunity with their organization.

Here are a few ways you can share

  • Share the homepage as a resource for friends to find projects on their own.
  • Find a specific volunteer opportunity you plan to participate in and invite a friend to come with you.
  • JustServe is for everyone, including those that need opportunities to serve from home. You can help a friend search for online and at-home volunteer opportunities.
  • Show friends who are already involved in local nonprofits how they can post service projects to the site and consider joining them in their service.

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