Share Light at Christmas

Christmas is a wonderful time to help others feel Jesus’s love for them.

Light the World: Follow the Example of Jesus Christ


Participating in the annual Light the World campaign is a great way to spread the light of Jesus Christ. Share a link to the website with someone and invite them to participate with you. Each day of December, look for ways to show kindness or think of someone you can serve. You can even sign up for reminders on your phone.

Light the World Website

Giving Machines

Giving Machines have become an annual tradition where the Church installs unique vending machines in cities across the world. Instead of buying a candy bar for yourself, you donate humanitarian goods and services to those in need. Share the link with someone who lives near a Giving Machine location. Or if a Giving Machine is in your city, invite a friend to go with you for a fun, heartwarming experience.

Share a Link to Giving Machines

Light the World Giving Machines in 2021 Yielded Nearly US$6 Million in Donations

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