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Why do you watch general conference? Think about the blessings you want your friends to have and then share those when you talk with them or post on social media. They may find it interesting we have a living prophet, but follow it up with why it’s important and how it will benefit them.

Welcome to General Conference

Share what it is

If you want your friends to watch general conference, help them understand why it’s important to you. For example, you might say something like this:

“Twice a year, the prophet and the Twelve Apostles speak to the world. It’s like getting to hear from Moses or Peter, James, and John. God is still talking and giving guidance for modern times and situations. It’s a big deal and millions of people watch, but it really feels like God is speaking directly to me. Like, if I’m going through something and have been praying about it, one of the sermons will answer my question. You should check it out!”

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Watch or listen together

Wherever you tune in to general conference, the broadcasts are excellent opportunities to invite friends to hear what a modern prophet has to say. You can be on hand to answer their questions, clarify doctrine, and encourage them to learn more.

Ways to Watch or Listen

Share associated content

Before and after general conference, you can usually find other inspiring content on the same channels, like Music and the Spoken Word with the Tabernacle Choir at Temple Square. These additional programs can help your curious friends and family draw nearer to God and provide further opportunities for discussion.

Attend if you can

If you live near the Conference Center (or can obtain tickets from your bishop or branch president and arrange for travel), attending general conference in person with a friend can be a wonderful experience regardless of your faith. Friends and family who are curious about your beliefs are always welcome to come along and hear the words of modern-day prophets and apostles.

Share what you learned

After general conference is over, pass along the stories and other parts that were meaningful to you. Share on social media about the messages that inspired you or helped you answer a question. You can also share memes and quotes (check Church social channels like @comeuntochrist, @churchofjesuschrist or other favorite accounts for content to share).

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