Successful People Don’t Get There Alone: Finding Your Tribe

    25 January 2019

    It’s so easy to disconnect these days, to work in isolation, to live through technology and not with other people. But living and working alone often leaves us feeling depressed or anxious. It turns out that we can often be happier and more successful by being part of a group that shares similar values, goals, and dreams.

    We generally are social beings; we thrive in families and in groups. When we have a sense of purpose within a group, we perform better.

    How groups help.

    We work through challenges by talking about them. Trusted family members, friends, and colleagues can help us find solutions by offering advice and resources. And as we do the same for them, we feel useful and become more confident. No one is left behind!

    Being part of a group also allows us to reduce stress from work. Athletic leagues, hobby groups, and book clubs all contribute to mental health. The key is connection, finding common ground with each other. According to Psychology Today, when we feel a connection with another person or a group of people, we tend to engage more and for longer periods of time on work tasks. That sense of connection “increase[s] feelings of warmth and motivation.”

    What to look for in a group.

    We tend to adopt the values of the people we spend time with. Evaluate the groups you are already a part of: church groups, community, family and friends. What can we do to improve these groups and make them more trusting and supportive? Then look for new groups. Ask yourself, “What group can I join that will improve my career skills, my spirituality, my relationship with my family, my self-worth?” Self-Reliance groups are great venues formed around these qualities. Participants of each Self-Reliance group form bonds of trust and become more spiritual and productive. That’s why so many contributors remain friends after the course is over, and it’s also why so many catch the bug and take another course—they know the benefits! It’s life changing!

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