Leader Training and Videos

The self-reliance initiative is directed by priesthood leaders. The initiative is a tool that leaders can use to help care for others. In the initiative, much of the work takes place in small groups. These groups combine practical skills with gospel principles to help people strengthen their faith in Jesus Christ and overcome temporal challenges. Groups are focused on one of four topics: employment, education, personal finances, or starting and growing a small business.

The Leader’s Guide

This booklet has been developed to assist priesthood leaders as they exercise priesthood keys, implement tools, and help members help themselves toward self-reliance.

Helpful Videos

This collection of videos will help you understand and direct the work of self-reliance in your area. Learn more.


What the initiative is, where it came from, and why it matters

What the committee does, and who is involved

How to have successful self-reliance devotionals

Doctrine and principles

How to support the Perpetual Education Fund Program

Manuals and Videos

All the materials needed to run groups, devotionals, and trainings. Learn more.