Facilitator Training and Videos

A big thank-you for being willing to serve as a facilitator. God wants us to be able to meet our practical and spiritual needs. And He wants to help us. That’s what self-reliance groups are all about. You will help a small group of individuals become more self-reliant. You are going to be part of something wonderful. Self-reliance groups can change lives.

Self-reliance groups focus on one of four topics: employment, education, personal finances, or starting and growing a business. You don’t need to be an expert in the field you will facilitate. Everything you need is in the materials. The inspiration of the group and the Spirit will make up any difference. Below are some helpful resources to help you be a great facilitator.


Virtual Groups

Videos about Being a Facilitator

This collection of videos will help you excel as a facilitator. Learn more.

Manuals and Videos for Group Meetings

Everything you need to run a group meeting. Learn more.