I want a loan

Steps for obtaining a PEF Loan:

  1. Complete an Education for Better Work self-reliance group. This course will help you identify the type of work you want to do, the training required and how to pay for training.
  2. Be interviewed by your bishop or branch president. After receiving your priesthood endorsement, you can begin your loan application on theĀ PEF student portal.
  3. Complete the online loan application using your Church Account and the education plan you created in your Education for Better Work group. You may use a computer at your local self-reliance center, Institute of Religion, family history center, or anywhere there is an internet connection.

If you have questions about the application, your stake or district self-reliance specialist may be able to help you.


Once you have finished all the steps of your PEF application, you will submit it to be reviewed. If you are prepared, the application review process will be very quick. If you do not have the proper documentation or there are questions on the details in your application, it may take several weeks.


After you submit the application, you should check the progress of your application on the PEF student website regularly and respond quickly to any messages or changes that are requested. The faster you make the changes requested and respond to the reviewers, the sooner your application may be approved.

Next Step

If your application is approved, you may request your first disbursement, or payment from the loan, which, when approved, will finalize the approval process.


If you have enrolled in a program that is longer than a year, it is very important to remember to renew your loan each year eight or nine months after your priesthood endorsement form was signed. This will keep you on track to complete the training and ensure your school gets the correct funds on time.