Self-Reliance Skills That Build Resilience

30 October 2020

We often hear the phrase “bounce back” used to describe someone who has overcome a challenge in life. But in order to become resilient, we need to learn to bounce forward.

Life is always changing, and we are learning from the changes most of the time. But some difficulties can make us feel as if we’re stuck in a maze. If you feel stuck or lost, there are things you can do that will help. Developing resilience can help you keep moving forward.

We can face challenges with courage and faith in Jesus Christ, and He will help us find clarity and know what to do. Here are a few ideas for developing faith and creating habits that allow you to bounce forward when things get rough.

Be prepared spiritually.

Morning scripture study, meditation, and prayer can help you start the day off with confidence. The peace the Spirit brings opens up the mind to inspiration concerning daily challenges.

Be prepared temporally.

You can also gain peace of mind by putting away a little money, a little extra food, a little extra credit—a metaphorical jar full of quarters in the cupboard. When you have to spend it on an emergency expense, start filling it again right away. Having a few extra weeks’ worth of food can help in a pinch, and so can an emergency credit card. Of course, that means you have to define emergency in order to use the credit card—say, for a death in the family that requires a quick plane ticket, or a car repair that exceeds your emergency fund. But pay it off as quickly as you can.

Save even when you are paying off debt.

It’s great to get debt paid off as fast as possible, but putting a little money aside for emergency expenses could prevent you from going deeper into debt. Even as you work on paying off debts, you can save a little money each month. When the debt is paid off, begin paying the same amount to your savings account.

Make larger payments when you are out of debt.

Some seasons in life are less expensive than others, and there’s huge relief in being debt free. These are the times to double down on your savings. Something will eventually happen—medical expenses, car repairs, or a reduction of income. Save regularly, and save more when you can.

Keep learning.

Having a marketable skill is like having money in the bank when you need it. You’ll find it much easier to get a job. And you can keep your skills sharp by continuing to learn, perhaps earning a certification or an advanced degree that will improve your job security. In every trade and every career, there are opportunities to learn more. Take these opportunities when you can.

It is my purpose to provide for my saints.Doctrine and Covenants 104:15

If you do your part, the Lord will bless you. You can realize these blessings by having faith, getting the best education you can, being accountable and making good choices, being prepared, and being willing to make some sacrifices. Setbacks can be painful, but if you’re doing your best to be humble and in tune with God, you will stay on the path of progression. As you learn more about the Savior’s gospel, your faith in Him will increase and you will have access to His power in your life.

The more we know about the Savior’s ministry and mission—the more we understand His doctrine and what He did for us—the more we know that He can provide the power that we need for our lives.—Russell M. Nelson, “Drawing the Power of Jesus Christ into Our Lives,” Ensign or Liahona, May 2017, 39

Say “Thank you.”

Expressing gratitude can help too. Take time to notice and acknowledge blessings from God.