Counsel for Young Single Adults

“Please know that we have great confidence in you. The leadership of the Church honestly believes that you can build the kingdom like no previous generation,” Elder Quentin L. Cook of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles said to young single adults during a Church Educational System devotional in March. Prophets and apostles have often given counsel to young single adults.

Three Guidelines for Young Single Adults

Elder Cook offered three guidelines based on the phrase “What e’er thou art, act well thy part,” as quoted by President David O. McKay (1873–1970). 

1. Avoid Acting out of Character by Wearing a Mask

“There will be great pressure on each of you to act out of character—to even wear a mask—and become someone who doesn’t really reflect who you are or who you want to be,” Elder Cook said. “One of our greatest protections against making bad choices is not to put on any mask of anonymity. If you ever find yourself wanting to do so, please know it is a serious sign of danger and one of the adversary’s tools to get you to do something you should not do.”

2. Act in Accordance with Your True Beliefs

“I hope none of you see life as primarily ‘fun and games’ but rather as a time to prepare to meet God,” Elder Cook said. He encouraged young single adults to identify attributes they want to develop, study related scriptures, and pray, set goals, and make plans to apply those attributes in their lives.

3. Set Appropriate Goals

“Too often our goals are based on what the world values,” Elder Cook said. “The essential elements are really quite simple for members who have received the saving ordinances. Be righteous. Build a family. Find an appropriate way to provide. Serve as called. Prepare to meet God.”

A Great Opportunity to Rescue

Elder M. Russell Ballard of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles offered this counsel in a meeting with young single adults last year: “As you look about in your new ward and you look about in your new area and you’re going to school or work or whatever it is, may I give you an assignment to have the courage to think in your own mind and accept the challenge to try to bring one of our Father’s children back into activity.”

He continued: “I want to promise you in the name of the Lord as you do that and as you trust the Lord and you pray about it and you seek for guidance and for strength to do what you can do, you’re going to have some spiritual experiences. You’ll have some promptings of the Spirit that will be unusual to you. The reason that will happen is because all of God’s children are precious to Him, and all are precious to the Lord Jesus Christ, and this is the Church of Jesus Christ, restored to the earth in these, the latter days.”

Pray Always

Elder Bednar counseled young single adults during a question-and-answer session in Bountiful, Utah: “We think prayer is just kneeling down. Prayer also includes the work that you do after you say ‘amen’ to achieve the things about which you have been praying.”

He continued: “To think that you have to stay on your knees all day long expressing gratitude is impossible. So you have to get up. There are things you need to do. But you acknowledge His hand in all things. That is part of praying always. As blessings come and you are filled with gratitude, that is part of praying always. And as you are pressing forward, seeking His help to do the things you know are right, that is praying always.”

Marvelous Generation

“You are a marvelous generation,” President Uchtdorf said to students at Brigham Young University in 2009. “You are blessed beyond measure. The world needs you and your goodness. Great opportunities await you. I love you; I admire you. Do not fear. God is with you; have faith. Use your time wisely, continue to learn, and always live worthy to have the Spirit with you.”