No One Else Can Do It—Rescuing J. R. and Kim

Part three of three. Read parts one and two.


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The attached video is the second of two examples of how to apply what Elder L. Tom Perry of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles teaches about rescuing those who need the full presence of the gospel in their lives.

"To me, that's the graduation date,” Elder Perry says, “when we've been able to get them through our course of study, that they understand the doctrines of the kingdom, that they've been able to clean up their lives, they've been able to invite the Holy Spirit into their lives. They've made a commitment to our Savior. Then the culminating event of this whole process will be being there with their sweet companion and their families and having those great blessings pronounced on their head for time and for all eternity."

And, Elder Perry counsels parents, teachers, and leaders, "Teach the concept of building successive generations of members who are married in the temple and faithful, … inviting members to come unto Christ and endure to the end.”

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