Stake Military Relations Committee

If there is a military installation within the stake boundary, the stake presidency should organize a stake military relations committee to advise them on military matters. A member of the stake presidency should call a committee chairman and others as needed. Where possible, a senior military officer or Latter-day Saint chaplain should be called to serve as the committee chairman. If a member of the stake high council is in the military, he may serve as the committee chairman.

As assigned by the stake presidency, the committee chairman has the following responsibilities:

  • Hold monthly meetings of the stake military relations committee. The Stake Military Relations Committee Agenda will help guide discussions.
  • Oversee the pre-military service Church orientation in the stake. Working with the stake executive secretary, he identifies those members of the stake who have joined the military and invites them to attend the orientation.
  • Develop a working relationship with the senior chaplain at the military installation and serve as a liaison between the stake and the installation.
  • Provide the senior chaplain at the installation with the names and telephone numbers of stake and ward leaders so that he can provide this information to newly arriving Church members. The chaplain can also use this information if there is an emergency with a Latter-day Saint member at the installation, such as an illness or death.
  • Advise the stake presidency when there is a need to establish a ward or branch at the military installation for Church members who are restricted to the installation. (See “Establishing a Ward or Branch for Military Members.”)
  • Advise the stake presidency when there is a need to establish a service member group at the military installation. Recommend worthy priesthood holders to the stake president to serve as service member group leaders, and ensure that the group leaders are called, set apart, and trained before they deploy. (See “Service Member Groups and Responsibilities of Group Leaders.”)
  • Order Church materials for any newly called service member group leaders, in coordination with the stake clerk.
  • If basic training is held at the installation, ensure that Church members attending basic training receive a military scripture set, a Latter-day Saint identification tag, and the Serving Your Country brochure, if they did not receive them from their home ward or branch.

For further information and additional resources, priesthood leaders should contact the Military Relations and Chaplain Services Division at 801-240-2286 or