Military Scriptures

Church Resources for Military Members

As a Church member in the military, you can order general Church products and supplies online at Specific products for military members are available in the military resources section of

Principles of the Gospel

The Principles of the Gospel book is designed to be a companion to your scripture study and will be an inspirational resource as you strive to live the gospel in the military. It contains a message from the First Presidency, instructions for Latter-day Saints in the military, gospel topics (arranged alphabetically), instructions for priesthood ordinances and blessings, and 31 selected hymns. It is available in English, Spanish, and Portuguese. If you would like to purchase the Principles of the Gospel book, you can order it in the military resources section of, both as a separate book and as part of the Military Scripture Set.

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Lessons and Pamphlet

Becoming a Self-Reliant and Resilient Family. These eight lessons will help you and your family cope with the challenges of military life and with periods of deployment and family separation. It is available in English, Spanish, and Portuguese.

Gospel Lessons for LDS Service Members Attending Basic Training. These lessons are designed to help you and your family strengthen your testimonies of Jesus Christ and remain faithful members of His Church.

Supporting Military Families. This pamphlet provides information on how to prepare for deployment, how to remain connected and involved with family members while physically separated, and how to avoid temptation during periods of loneliness. It also provides information about post-traumatic stress disorder; family needs if a military member is killed, wounded, or missing in action; and resources available to military members.

Serving Your Country. This brochure contains a message from the First Presidency and some helpful counsel for Latter-day Saints serving in the armed forces and is a companion to the Serving Your Country video. The brochure is available in English and Spanish. While supplies last, you may also order the brochure at

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Videos for Military Members

Military Devotionals

In order to strengthen Church members serving in the prolonged global war on terror, the Church has held military devotionals in recent years. Initially they were recorded on DVDs and distributed to deployed service member groups. Starting in 2013, the military devotionals were made available online.

Online Sacrament Services

When you are unable to attend Church services with other Latter-day Saints, you can view sacrament services online.

Selected Video Messages

You can use the following video messages to find gospel insights during periods of trial and stress and receive advice on remaining true to your covenants.

Other Resources