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    How I #HearHim: Sister Jean B. Bingham
    How do you #HearHim? Sister Jean B. Bingham hears Jesus Christ through the warm assurance she's doing the right thing.
    The Goal: A Story of Faith, Friendship and Forgiveness
    This humorous video depicts the spiritual journey two friends go through as they struggle to forgive each other in their quest to follow the covenant path.
    President Nelson Encourages Caution as the Church Looks Forward Amid COVID-19 Pandemic
    President Russell M. Nelson gives a message of comfort as the efforts to protect our communities from the COVID-19 pandemic continue. He talks of the peace that comes only through Jesus Christ.
    Pillar of Light Music Video
    A new music video features youth from around the world in their homes, singing “Pillar of Light,” which details Joseph Smith’s First Vision.
    President Russell M. Nelson: There is Much More to Come
    A documentary of President Russell M. Nelson’s travels and ministry during the first two years serving as President of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
    How I #HearHim: Elder David A. Bednar
    How do you #HearHim? Elder David A. Bednar hears the words of Jesus Christ through the scriptures.
    His Grace: Finding Peace in Christ as a Single Parent
    As a single parent, Cardin experienced bouts of loneliness while juggling her responsibilities. Our struggles are real, but God’s grace gives us the strength to move forward with peace in our hearts.
    Finding with Family History
    Teaching their missionaries to be confident and converted to the role of family history as it relates to the work of salvation changed the Houston Texas mission for good.
    The Rise and Fall of John C. Bennett
    Historians Elizabeth A. Kuehn and Matthew C. Godfrey discuss the lasting effects of John C. Bennett’s writing and speaking campaign against Joseph Smith.
    Come Unto Jesus
    No matter what situation in life we are in, Jesus Christ always invites you with open arms. We can follow his example by loving those around us.
    The Gold Plates
    An audio narration that briefly describes the gold plates and the sacred ancient record that was translated into what is now known as the Book of Mormon: Another Testament of Jesus Christ.
    The Savior Heals All Wounds
    When the Brussels international airport was bombed in 2016, missionary Richard Norby was terribly burned and injured by shrapnel. Yet in that moment, he knew the Savior was there for him and everything would be OK. The Savior is there for you, too.
    #HearHim: President Nelson Invites Us to Hear the Voice of The Lord
    Why does Heavenly Father ask us to listen to his son, Jesus Christ? President Russell M. Nelson introduces #HearHim, which invites us to explore how we listen to and follow our Savior.
    The Wounded Shall Be Healed
    Our wounds in this life can come from any number of trials. Patiently move forward, and the Savior’s healing power will bring light, peace, and hope.
    The Book of Abraham | Now You Know
    An audio narration that briefly describes the history of the Book of Abraham and how it came to be in the Pearl of Great Price.
    My Favorite Scripture – Lee Yong-ha
    We all need love, and as we show love to those around us we feel true happiness.
    A Bicentennial Proclamation to the World
    The First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve Apostles issued a proclamation during the April 2020 general conference: “The Restoration of the Fulness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ: A Bicentennial Proclamation to the World.”
    Ministering to Doubters and Dissenters
    Chaplains, in their unique role to help those struggling with faith, must prepare by knowing Church doctrine and history. They must also love people in their “infirmity,” as Joseph Smith taught.
    Recording Baptisms for the Dead in Nauvoo
    Historian Brett D. Dowdle displays the rarely seen record of baptisms for the dead in the Nauvoo temple and explains its significance to Latter-day Saints.