Matthew 2:1–2, 7–10, The Wise Men travel by night


    An Angel Foretells Christ’s Birth to Mary
    The angel Gabriel, sent from the presence of God, announces to the young Mary her future role as the mother of the child Jesus.
    Mary and Elisabeth Rejoice Together
    Mary visits her relative Elisabeth, who in her old age will also soon give birth to a miraculous child. The women rejoice together. Luke 1:39–55
    The Naming of John the Baptist
    John the Baptist is born. Zacharias prophesies of John’s mission to prepare the way for the Son of God. Luke 1:57–80
    Mary and Joseph Travel to Bethlehem
    Traveling to their ancestral city of Bethlehem, Mary and Joseph are unable to find a room in an inn. Instead, they find shelter in a place where animals are kept. Luke 2:4–7
    Shepherds Learn of the Birth of Christ
    The angel Gabriel announces the birth of Jesus to the shepherds. The shepherds then visit Mary, Joseph, and the newborn Jesus. Luke 2:8–18
    The Christ Child Is Presented at the Temple
    Mary and Joseph take Jesus to the temple, where the righteous Simeon blesses the baby and rejoices that the Lord let him live to see this day. Luke 2:22–38
    The Nativity
    Mary conceives by the power of the Holy Ghost. Heavenly messengers herald the birth of Jesus in Bethlehem. Luke 1:26–38; 2:1–19; Matthew 1:20–21
    Mary, the Mother of Jesus
    Mary was highly favored of God and chosen to be the mother of Jesus Christ. Her humility, devotion, and strength stand as a model for all Christian disciples. Luke 1:26–35