Final Events

    The resurrected Christ looks at Mary in the tomb


    The Lord's Triumphal Entry into Jerusalem
    Jesus rides in triumph into Jerusalem. The multitudes greet Him with shouts of "Hosanna to the Son of David." Matthew 21:1–11
    The Last Supper
    Meeting in an upper room with His disciples, Jesus washes their feet, institutes the sacrament, and commands them to love one another. John 13:1–35
    Jesus Warns Peter and Offers the Intercessory Prayer
    Jesus admonishes Peter to remain faithful and strengthen his brethren. Peter professes his devotion to Jesus. Jesus foretells Peter's denial and then gives the Intercessory Prayer. Luke 22:31–34
    The Savior Suffers in Gethsemane
    Jesus, Peter, James, and John retire to the Garden of Gethsemane. Jesus submits to the Father's will and begins to suffer for the sins and afflictions of mankind. He is then betrayed and arrested. Matthew 26:36–57
    Jesus Is Tried by Caiaphas, Peter Denies Knowing Him
    Jesus is tried before Caiaphas and the chief priests. Peter denies knowing Him and weeps bitterly.
    Jesus Is Condemned before Pilate
    Jesus is arraigned and questioned before Pilate, who finds no fault in Him. Yielding to the multitude, Pilate allows Barabbas to be released and Jesus to be crucified. Matthew 27:1–2, 11–25
    Jesus Is Scourged and Crucified
    A band of soldiers strips Jesus of His clothes, scourges Him, and mocks Him. He then carries His cross to Golgotha and is crucified by Roman soldiers. Matthew 27:26–50
    Jesus Is Laid in a Tomb
    The Savior's body is taken by Joseph of Arimathea to a garden tomb. Angels appear and remove the stone from the front of the tomb. Mary and other women visit the empty tomb.
    Jesus Is Resurrected
    Peter and John find the empty tomb. Jesus, now resurrected, appears to Mary.
    He is Risen
    Ponder what the Savior means to all humanity—and to you personally. And then share the good news.
    To This End Was I Born
    Jesus Christ, the Only Begotten Son of God and King of the Jews, was born to offer Himself as a sacrifice to atone for the sins of mankind. —Easter Part 1
    My Kingdom Is Not of This World
    Jesus is persecuted, mocked, and crucified. His followers mourn and find the tomb empty on the third day. The Son of God breaks the bands of death and ascends to His Father in Heaven. —Easter Part 2
    Christ Appears on the Road to Emmaus
    The resurrected Christ walks with two men on the road to Emmaus. He blesses and breaks bread with them and then vanishes from sight. Their hearts burned within them. Luke 24:13–33
    The Risen Lord Appears to the Apostles
    The resurrected Christ appears to the Apostles and tells them, “Peace be unto you.” They touch His hands and feet and He eats with them. He tells them He will send them as His Father sent Him. Luke 24:36–41, 44–49; John 20:21
    Blessed Are They That Have Not Seen, and Yet Have Believed
    Thomas, one of the Twelve, doubts the appearance of the risen Lord. Christ appears and tells him, “Blessed are those who have not seen, and yet have believed.” John 20:24–29
    For God So Loved the World
    Give thanks for the Lord Jesus Christ: His life, His atoning sacrifice, and His Resurrection. John 3:16