I am the teachers quorum president in [INAUDIBLE] ward. [SPEAKING FOREIGN LANGUAGE]

A couple Sundays ago Matthew turned 14 and got ordained into the teachers quorum. They started to lay their hands on his head. I asked the bishop if I could join in, too. I wasn't sure if I could. I didn't know if I could. But he said that it was OK that I did. I felt a lot of love for my brother and for the Savior and for Heavenly Father because They're willing to share Their power with me.

Duty to God is essential. The Lord knows that a young man like me can do and fulfill these responsibilities. [SPEAKING FOREIGN LANGUAGE]

In Doctrine and Covenants section 20 verse 53, it says the teacher's duty is to watch over the Church always and be with and strengthen them. Being a teachers quorum president, one of my duties is to visit those who are inactive. Visiting these boys means so much to Heavenly Father. Bringing back those souls to His kingdom, everybody around you will be blessed. [SPEAKING FOREIGN LANGUAGE]

I'm doing what He had done for His disciples and for the people in His day. And I need to be worthy to pass and prepare the sacrament for all those people in our ward who need that. And I know that I need it. In our age temptation really comes so fast. We are striving to do righteous things. I think that we don't really realize it. We just kind of do our own thing, live our own life. But people are watching us a lot, and they know who the Mormon kids are. One of the boys in Matthew's quorum talked about how he was riding on the bus on the way home. A kid was trying to show him pornography on his iPod. And he was like, "No, sorry, I'm Mormon. I don't look at that sort of thing." And the guy was like, "Hey, yeah, Joshua Finch doesn't look at that stuff, either. He's Mormon, too." Every little thing we do they'll remember, for good or for bad. [SPEAKING FOREIGN LANGUAGE]

The most important thing we can do is strengthen ourselves so that we're able to be a tool in Heavenly Father's hands.


Aaronic Priesthood Shining Forth

Young men from around the world testify of the blessings of priesthood service and being faithful in fulfilling their Duty to God.

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