The restored priesthood keys give Church leaders authority to act in God’s name and organize His Church. These essays speak to the duty, diligence, and developmental experiences of worthily holding and officiating in the Aaronic or Melchizedek Priesthoods.
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    Aaronic Priesthood Shining Forth
    Young men from around the world testify of the blessings of priesthood service and being faithful in fulfilling their Duty to God.
    Becoming a Priesthood Man: Priesthood Duty
    Michael strives to be an example and strengthen those around him. What started as a pregame devotional for him and his only Latter-day Saint teammate quickly became a tradition for many people on the football team.
    Elder Perry on Priesthood Part 4
    Elder Perry continues his series on the Priesthood, Restoration of Authority.
    Highlight: The Keys and Authority of the Priesthood—Dallin H. Oaks
    Dallin H. Oaks teaches how men and women, though they have different roles, serve and are blessed on the same terms through the priesthood.
    How the Church is Organized
    A brief explanation of the organizational structure of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
    Jesus Calls Twelve Apostles to Preach and Bless Others
    Jesus instructs and empowers His original Twelve Apostles.
    Jesus Gives Authority to Twelve Apostles
    Video depicting Jesus giving the Priesthood Authority to Twelve Apostles.
    Jesus Heals a Possessed Man
    Jesus demonstrates His divine power by healing a possessed man. Luke 4:33–37
    Jesus Raises the Daughter of Jairus
    Jesus demonstrates His divine power by raising a young girl from the dead.
    Jesus Turns Water into Wine
    Jesus performs a miraculous act of service in one of the first recorded events of His ministry.
    Learn Your Duty
    Quote given by Brother Larry M. Gibson in the priesthood session of general conference on April 2, 2011.
    Learning in the Priesthood
    If you will be diligent and obedient in the priesthood, treasures of spiritual knowledge will be poured out upon you.
    Let Every Man Learn His Duty: Aaronic Priesthood
    Young men share their feelings about what it means to be a worthy holder of the priesthood. As one young man said, “Having the priesthood changes every decision I make."
    My Duty to God
    Out of love, a 13-year-old boy in Arizona pushed himself to the limit so that his friend, who has cerebral palsy, could participate with him in a triathlon.
    Peter and John Heal a Man Crippled Since Birth
    With authority from Jesus Christ, Peter and John heal a man crippled since birth. Acts 3:1–8
    Preparation in the Priesthood: “I Need Your Help”
    Don’t worry about how inexperienced you are or think you are, but think about what, with the Lord’s help, you can become.
    Pride and the Priesthood
    Pride is a switch that turns off priesthood power. Humility is a switch that turns it on.
    Priesthood Authority and Power
    Statement by Elder David A. Bednar in the priesthood session on March 31, 2012.
    Priesthood Duty
    A recent convert to the Church fulfills his priesthood duty by inviting all around him to come unto Christ.
    Priesthood Power
    May we be worthy recipients of the divine power of the priesthood we bear. May it bless our lives and may we use it to bless the lives of others.
    Priesthood Treasures
    Quote given by President Henry B. Eyring in the priesthood session of general conference on April 2, 2011.
    Priesthood and Priesthood Keys - We Are Brothers
    A quorum comes to understand what it means to hold priesthood keys as they reach out to fellow quorum members.
    Quorum Brotherhood
    A quorum rallies around a young man who attended scouting activities for years. With their help, he comes to a knowledge of the truthfulness of the restored gospel, and is ordained to the Aaronic priesthood.
    Restoration of the Priesthood
    Church members share how they personally have been blessed because God's priesthood authority has been restored to the earth.
    Sacred Keys of the Aaronic Priesthood
    The Lord wants every Aaronic Priesthood holder to invite all to come unto Christ—beginning with his own family.
    Sanctify Yourselves
    When a little league football player is struck by lightning, his 18-year-old assistant coach must be prepared to use his newly conferred Melchizedek Priesthood.
    Something Different About Us: Example
    Luis sets an example for his friend who is not a member of the Church. He said of fulfilling his duties of the Aaronic Priesthood, “I’m representing Jesus Christ, and that’s amazing."
    The Magnificent Priesthood
    Brother David L. Beck highlights the blessings that come when each young man learns and does his duty.
    The Power of the Aaronic Priesthood
    You and the Aaronic Priesthood office you hold are essential to Heavenly Father’s work with His children and the preparation of this earth for the Second Coming.
    The Powers of Heaven
    Priesthood holders young and old need both authority and power—the necessary permission and the spiritual capacity to represent God in the work of salvation.
    The Preparatory Priesthood
    Highlight: President Henry B. Eyring's address at the October 2014 General Conference.
    The Priesthood of Aaron
    The priesthood you bear is a special gift, for the giver is the Lord Himself. Use it, magnify it, and live worthy of it.
    Willing and Worthy to Serve
    Miracles are everywhere to be found when the priesthood is understood, its power is honored and used properly, and faith is exerted.