Youth Videos

    Our Spiritual Passport


    6 Brothers
    A family of six boys shares how missionary work has become a part of their daily lives.
    A Choice Seer Will I Raise Up: Faith to Overcome
    Part 1: Youth share their testimonies of the Restoration and how it has impacted their lives. Based on a talk given by Elder Craig C. Christensen in October 2016.
    A Choice Seer Will I Raise Up: Prophet of the Restoration
    Part 2: Youth share their testimonies of the Restoration and how it has impacted their lives. Based on a talk given by Elder Craig C. Christensen in October 2016.
    A Witness of God
    Elder Neil L. Andersen describes how all of God's children are pieces of a large puzzle in preparation for the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.
    A Work of Love
    A thought from Bonnie L. Oscarson, Young Women general president, about the joy of sharing the gospel with others.
    Aaronic Priesthood Shining Forth
    Young men from around the world testify of the blessings of priesthood service and being faithful in fulfilling their Duty to God.
    All I Needed
    God expects us to be self reliant and give our all. In turn, He will help us in times of need with what we need.
    Arise to the Mountain
    The purpose of the Young Women organization is to help each young woman be worthy to make and keep sacred covenants and receive the ordinances of the temple.
    Be Strong: I Know Who I Am
    A video presentation titled “Be Strong: I know Who I Am” shown as part of the general Young Women meeting. **OR Video Presentation: I Have a Purpose**
    Bearing Our Burdens with Hope
    Being happy does not always mean being without hardship. Sometimes it means just the opposite. That principle is brought to life in this story of a young husband who is only able to make it home safely after his load grows much heavier.
    Because I Have Been Given Much
    With the help of a friend, a young woman in a difficult situation finds hope in the gospel of Jesus Christ.
    Becoming a Priesthood Man: Priesthood Duty
    Michael strives to be an example and strengthen those around him. What started as a pregame devotional for him and his only Latter-day Saint teammate quickly became a tradition for many people on the football team.
    Blessed and Happy Are Those Who Keep the Commandments of God
    Read Elder Keetch's full conference talk here:
    Come with Us
    Youth from around the world share what this year's theme means to them and what they are doing to “Come unto Christ.”
    Compelling Witness
    When her Book of Mormon falls onto the cafeteria floor and into the hands of a skeptical classmate, one young woman works to create a case for its truthfulness.
    Dangerous Tides
    Based on the talk, Trifle Not with Sacred Things by Elder Larry S. Kacher. The choices we make in this life greatly affect our eternal life. Are your decisions planted in the Gospel of Jesus Christ?
    Far Away
    Does the message of Christ’s birth resonate with you today? Take a moment. Breath in…and out…and remember this message from the singing group The National Parks - that far away a little child was born to be our Savior.
    Follow the Prophet
    Bishop Glenn L. Pace delivers a message titled "Follow the Prophet"
    Foundations of Faith
    Just as repetition and consistent effort are required to gain physical or mental capacity, the same is true in spiritual matters.
    “Remember what you are worth.” That is the simple yet powerful message of the 2015 mutual theme song, “Fragile.” We must be kind to others, and when we ourselves are hurt we must turn to Jesus Christ, who knows and loves us always.
    Good Things to Share
    Sharing what matters most is not unusual at all. What good things will you share?
    Good To Be Alive
    Regan Rindlisbacher performs her song about having a positive outlook on life, looking for the beauty in the world, and cherishing relationships with those we love.
    Gratitude on the Sabbath Day
    President Henry B. Eyring teaches us what we can do to live and worship on the Sabbath day to demonstrate gratitude and to strengthen ourselves and others for trials that lie ahead.
    Guardians of Virtue: Young Women Song
    The “Guardians of Virtue" song shares how young women can make righteous choices, bless others, and become who God wants them to be.
    Guided Safely Home
    We live in a world full of conflict, and we will sink without a sense of direction. Jesus Christ provides that direction, and living His teachings will steer us safely home. What will you do to reach up and obtain heavenly help today?
    Heavenly Father Knows Me
    After a trial of her faith, a young woman receives a witness that Heavenly Father truly does answer prayers.
    Honest, True, Chaste, Benevolent, Virtuous: Values
    Young Women express their feelings about the 2011 Mutual theme and their preparations to go to the temple.
    How Does the Holy Spirit Guide?
    What is it like to be guided by the Holy Ghost? Ordinary people share their experiences.
    How the Priesthood Works
    Discover how the priesthood is like a rocket and its payload or cargo is like the atoning power of Jesus Christ—and, even more important, why we all need that precious payload.
    Impressions in the Storm
    Ensign Blair’s faith and willingness to rely on a personal, spiritual impression saved both his ship and crew from succumbing to a raging typhoon in the Pacific during the Korean War.
    Introduction to the 2011 Mutual Theme: Faith
    Youth from around the world share their feelings about the 2011 Mutual theme, “We Believe," and what it means to be a believer.
    Introduction to the Theme
    Young women from around the world share how they can “Arise and shine forth” in 2012.
    Inviting All to Come unto Christ: Sharing the Gospel
    When Junior, a young man in a small Florida branch, decided he didn’t want to be alone in his belief in Christ, he invited a friend. One friend joined, then another, and another . . .
    Let Every Man Learn His Duty: Aaronic Priesthood
    Young men share their feelings about what it means to be a worthy holder of the priesthood. As one young man said, “Having the priesthood changes every decision I make."
    Listen to a Prophet
    Bishop Dean M. Davies speaks on the importance of listening to the counsel of the prophet, and various individuals bear testimony of how following the prophet has blessed their lives.
    Message from Brother David L. Beck
    As a faithful priesthood holder, you can bless the lives of those around you; this is the message Brother David L. Beck shares with his story of a boyhood friend from São Paulo, Brazil.
    Message from Brother David L. Beck
    The Young Men general president is invited by a quorum president to participate in a discussion of the 2012 Mutual theme.
    Message from Elder L. Tom Perry
    Elder Perry introduces the 2012 Mutual theme, and shares how we can exemplify the theme in our daily lives.
    Message from President Thomas S. Monson
    President Thomas S. Monson discusses the importance of the standards contained in the For the Strength of Youth booklet.
    Message from Sister Elaine S. Dalton
    Sister Elaine S. Dalton expresses her love for young women around the world and counsels them to seek after good things.
    Message from Sister Elaine S. Dalton
    The Young Women general president speaks with a group of young women about remaining virtuous on the path to the temple.
    Ministering as the Savior Does
    It doesn’t matter where we serve; what the Lord cares about is how we serve.
    Mitch Mobile
    A group of young men are true examples of being in the service of your fellow men and becoming disciples of Jesus Christ.
    Name of Christ
    Name of Christ
    Our Divine Destiny
    Various youth and young adults testify of the importance of recognizing who you are as a child of God and the blessings promised in order to overcome the challenges of life.
    Our Eternal Potential
    Youth consider what distractions draw them away from following the Savior.
    Our Spiritual Passport
    Youth consider what they will do to add stamps to their “spiritual passports” and bless the lives of others.
    Our Temple in the Amazon
    Youth in Manaus, Brazil, share their excitement and testimonies as they celebrate the dedication of a new temple in their area.
    Painted into a Corner
    A young man learns the importance of repentance and how agency is an essential part of life.
    Pillar of Light Music Video
    A new music video features youth from around the world in their homes, singing “Pillar of Light,” which details Joseph Smith’s First Vision.
    Priesthood Duty
    A recent convert to the Church fulfills his priesthood duty by inviting all around him to come unto Christ.
    Priesthood and Priesthood Keys - We Are Brothers
    A quorum comes to understand what it means to hold priesthood keys as they reach out to fellow quorum members.
    Quorum Brotherhood
    A quorum rallies around a young man who attended scouting activities for years. With their help, he comes to a knowledge of the truthfulness of the restored gospel, and is ordained to the Aaronic priesthood.
    Reach Out and Share
    In April, KSL Television produced this general conference special called "Reach Out and Share." It tells the story of how a family in Arizona joined the Church after watching a Mormon Message for Youth on the Internet called "Dayton's Legs."
    Repentance: A Joyful Choice
    Elder Dale G. Renlund tells a childhood story of lighting a firecracker in the chapel right before church began. He relates his story to the joy of repentance.
    Reunited by Faith
    A young man exercises faith, and is instrumental in bringing his mother back into full Church activity.
    Service Through Song
    Service is an opportunity to share love in inspired ways. This short video shows how a group of youth provide love to a group of elderly residents by singing hymns every Sunday night.
    Sharing Gospel Happiness
    A priest finds out his friend has been hospitalized with cancer. His testimony and Christlike example lead her to a knowledge of the truth.
    Sharing Your Light
    A young woman from the Philippines shares her faith and hope in knowing that by setting a good example, those around her can return to following the Savior.
    Sharing the Gospel
    What we call “member missionary work” is not a program but an attitude of love and outreach to help those around us.
    Sharing the Light of Christ
    Meet Brandon Jackson, who shared his time and love with orphans in Honduras and discovered what one teenage boy can do for others.
    Something Different About Us: Example
    Luis sets an example for his friend who is not a member of the Church. He said of fulfilling his duties of the Aaronic Priesthood, “I’m representing Jesus Christ, and that’s amazing."
    Spiritual Balance
    To move upstream toward our eternal goal, we must constantly keep paddling. It helps if we are part of a team that is paddling together, like a rowing crew in action. From a talk by President Oaks.
    Spiritual Eclipse
    Life’s distractions may eclipse heaven’s light if we allow them to get too close. Let the light of Christ shine by looking through the lens of the gospel. No matter the obstruction, the light is still there.
    Standing in Holy Places
    A young woman reflects on the blessings of walking the covenant path as she makes her journey to the temple.
    Staying Spiritually Fit
    Now is the time to prepare to meet God. Just as an athlete prepares daily for game day; when we work on our spirituality daily and give our all to the Lord, we strengthen our testimonies of Him and of His gospel.
    Strengthen Thy Brethren
    As two brothers seek to strengthen their own conversion to the gospel of Jesus Christ, they find that they begin to have an effect on those around them.
    Strengthened in the Lord
    Youth in New York City share how seeking the Savior and following Him has helped strengthen their lives.
    It is time to give everything we have to becoming the people God hopes we will choose to become. Join the worldwide movement to strive for the best by developing your talents, loving others, seeking education, and serving the Lord.
    Texting Truth
    A group of young men share how they use text-messaging to learn scriptures and uplift each other. Elder Scott describes ways we can use text messaging, phones, and more to draw closer to Christ, strengthen others, and increase our gospel knowledge.
    That He May Become Strong
    As a youth, Jeremy had a strong mentor in one of his Young Men leaders. Now an adult, Jeremy reflects on the positive impact this mentor has had on his entire life.
    The 13th Article of Faith: Standing Together
    Youth in Korea, who are often the only members in their schools, find strength and support as they gather with other Latter-day Saint youth in their area.
    The Blessings of Personal Progress
    Young women share how Personal Progress has been a fun, rewarding process of learning, growing, and achieving goals.
    The Fast Offering
    A young deacon learns firsthand about the importance of fast offerings when his family is faced with a difficult situation.
    The Soul’s Sincere Desire
    As we put God as a priority and seek him through sincere prayer, we can find peace in our busy lives.
    The Temple - Always in Our Sights
    The path to the temple requires us to prepare, act, and keep the temple “always in our sights.”
    This Life
    What are we doing with this life? Are we spending it on things that make us better, brighter, and more able to help our friends do the same? Do we treasure every moment?
    To Whom Shall We Go
    In the end, each one of us must respond to the Savior’s question: “Will ye also go away?”
    Virtue: For Such a Time as This
    Young women of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints call for a return to virtue and share their commitment to live virtuous and exemplary lives in order to influence the world for good.
    We Believe All Things: Faith
    Daniela shares the story of how seeing a commercial on TV led to her family’s conversion.
    We Believe in Christ: Personal Testimony
    Youth share their testimonies of the Savior.
    We Have Endured Many Things: Spiritual Strength
    Laura describes how she develops faith to live the gospel even though few Latter-day Saints live in her area. She receives spiritual strength from the gospel of Jesus Christ, the scriptures, and the Personal Progress program.
    What Family Means to Me
    A music video for youth about the meaning and importance of family.
    Wheelz: Overcoming is Possible
    A young man born with Spina Bifida shows that overcoming challenges is possible when you have faith, hope and the Atonement of Jesus Christ.
    When Ye Are in the Service-YM
    A young man in California experiences joy as he takes on the challenge to see how much service he can provide to those around him in 3 days.
    When Ye Are in the Service-YW
    Young Women in Japan experience joy as they take on the challenge to see how much service they can provide to those around them in 3 days.
    Where Are the Keys?
    Priesthood authority and keys start the engine, open the gates of heaven, facilitate heavenly power, and pave the covenant pathway back to our Heavenly Father.
    Why Am I Here?
    The funny thing about purpose is that you never know when you're going to find yours.
    With All Your Heart
    One young man overcomes his fears while magnifying his calling.