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What Is an E-Book?

E-books are digitized books that can be read on personal computers, tablets, iPods, PDAs, and e-book reader devices.


Differing from a PDF, e-books are more free-flowing and can be edited to enlarge font size on a page. Most e-book file sizes are one megabyte or less, which allows e-readers to hold an entire library of books on one device. E-books use a unique file format that allows readers to highlight, bookmark, and make notes on sections in the book. A search function is often included, making searching an e-book for topics, chapters, or even words easy. E-readers allow users to read, study, and prepare lessons from one resource.

An e-reader is required to access and read e-books. There are several different e-readers. A few different options include the Kindle, Nook, Sony Reader, Kobo, iPad, iPod, and most smart phones. You can read e-books on your PC or Mac, but you may need to install an e-reader software program.

E-book files come in a few different formats and can be specific to the e-reader. EPUB files are the most widely accepted e-book format and can be read on the Nook, Sony Reader, Kobo, and iPad. The Kindle is unique in that it uses either their proprietary format (.azw) or an open format called “mobi7.”

The Church and E-Books

The Church offers several free e-books, including the standard works and several manuals and teaching helps. Official Church e-books can be found and downloaded on the EPUBpage of ChurchofJesusChrist.org. The Church has made files available in EPUB and .mobi e-book file formats for download.

The Church is also working with Deseret Book to make Church e-books available through online distribution. More e-books will be available in the upcoming months at the Amazon Kindle Store, Barnes and Noble (bn.com), and the Apple iBookstore. These e-books will include the triple combination, Church manuals, and Church magazines. In addition, the Church is working to make more materials and resource channels available for e-book download.