Young Women in Bulgaria

Meet Nelina, from Bulgaria.

01/30/24 | 1 min read
Here’s a story about an amazing dream she had!

Nelina says there aren’t many other members of the Church where she lives in Bulgaria. But she knew that her choice to be baptized would help her follow in the footsteps of Jesus Christ, and that’s what mattered most!

As a new member of the Church, Nelina really wanted opportunities to serve and help others. So she asked God for help.

“I prayed a lot that God would give me someone to serve,” she said. Sure enough, something amazing happened.

“One night in a dream, I saw a woman on the subway who needed help after falling off her chair. Later, while my dad and I traveled on the subway, I saw a woman fall off her chair. It was the same woman from my dream! It was a sacred experience for me to be able to help her.”

What a testimony-building moment! Nelina showed enough faith to get baptized and patiently pray, and then she had an experience she’ll be able to hold onto forever.

We can follow Nelina’s example this year by practicing a similar pattern of faith, prayer, and righteous effort! How will the Lord show His hand in your life? Let’s find out!

The Power of Prayer

When have you seen a prayer answered in your life? This would be a great question to ask a faithful parent or leader. Add the stories to your journal!

Nelina’s story is adapted from this article in the January 2024 For the Strength of Youth magazine.