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He has a testimony of the scriptures.

06/30/24 | 1 min read
And is named after a heroic prophet!

Amon, from Brazil, is happy to share his name with a Book of Mormon prophet! (In Portuguese, that’s how you spell the name of the son of Mosiah we read about in Alma 18.)

“He was a great missionary,” Amon said. “And I love sharing the gospel wherever I go, too.”

Amon said the scriptures help him in many ways—even with falling asleep better at night! Instead of only reading during a certain time, he finds it helpful to read a little bit here and there throughout the day.

“I read the scriptures whenever I have time,” he said. “After swimming class, after school, after therapy. I read the scriptures all day long.”

Youth: Amon

Pick a Name, Any Name

If you could choose to share a name with any Book of Mormon character, who would you choose and why?