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An awesome conference on an island nation.

05/19/24 | 1 min read
It was President Freeman’s first FSY, too!

In December, about 900 youth gathered for FSY conference—the FIRST EVER in Fiji!

Those of you in the Northern Hemisphere might be saying “Wait, in December?” Yep—in the Southern Hemisphere, Christmastime is summertime!

Fiji FSY

It was the first FSY that President Emily Belle Freeman (pictured below) had attended since being called as Young Women general president. She talked to youth, helped with service projects, and met with local Church members.

“We are going to experience holy moments together that we will always remember,” President Freeman told the youth at the beginning of FSY. “Jesus Christ is at FSY. I invite you to ‘come and see’ (John 1:46).”

Fiji FSY

As it happens, President Freeman’s grandparents, Mickey and Belle Oswald, served as missionaries in Fiji more than 50 years ago. Small world, huh? Several local Latter-day Saints still remembered them!

Here’s what some of the youth in Fiji had to say about FSY:

“FSY has helped me to learn more about Jesus Christ and that He is always there for us during our hardships.” (Kelera V.)

"(It taught me) how to live more like my Savior. We can keep holding on to the word of God. Jesus Christ believes in us.” (Jade C.)

Have you tried FSY yet? It’s awesome!

Fiji FSY

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