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Here to Help: Changing Lives through Service

09/16/15 | 1 min read

Have you ever performed an act of service for someone else and wondered what good it did? Did they appreciate it? Did it even make a difference?

King Benjamin says in Mosiah 2:17 that “when ye are in the service of your fellow beings ye are only in the service of your God.” If we think primarily of serving God, we know that even if we can’t see the direct impact of our service on someone’s life, it mattered immensely to God that we were willing to serve Him and His children in the first place. No service opportunity is wasted. There is always some good that comes from it, and in many cases, the service you perform can change a life for good—maybe even your own.

According to the Literacy Project Foundation, over 44 million adults cannot read a simple story. Free literacy programs are available in many public libraries and LDS ward buildings all over the country. In this month’s Here to Help radio program, producer Dani Hayes traveled to the Santa Barbara Public Library, where an incredible literacy program is having a dramatic impact on its students. We follow the story of a literacy student, Jada, and her tutor, Anne, as they form a lasting friendship through service and reading.

Elder William W. Parmley, who entered the medical profession because he wanted to serve his fellowmen, reminds us that “serving is a very special thing to do because it builds bonds of friendship and love. The Lord calls us to serve Him in different ways. You’ll have wonderful experiences serving Him and those around you.”

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