The Book of Mormon Is a Gift from God
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Soak in the light!

04/29/24 | 1 min read
A personal invitation from leaders to you.

I gave each Sunbeam three things: fruit snacks, a juice box, and the Book of Mormon.

I asked the question, “Do you know where this book came from?”

After thinking very hard, one brave boy raised his hand and gave this answer: “You got it from the library!”

He was right!

There are millions of copies of the Book of Mormon in the world and many in meetinghouse libraries.

But before there were books on the shelves there were plates in the ground.

The Book of Mormon is a gift from God.

It is God’s gift to us in this dispensation, this ongoing restoration of truth and light.

It testifies of Christ.
It chases away the darkness.
What a miracle to find it on a library shelf.

I invite you to take it down, open it up, and soak in the light.

Your friend,
Sister Tamara W. Runia

First Counselor in the Young Women General Presidency

Book of Mormon Reading

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