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Conference Is Over. Now What?

10/05/20 | 1 min read

You may have felt inspired while watching general conference, but what about the next day? And the day after that? Here are a few ideas that could help conference messages stick with you.

  • Use a conference quote as your phone’s background screen, or put a sticky note on the bathroom mirror. Make sure to change it periodically.
  • Watch or read a different conference talk each Sunday.
  • Set a goal for the next six months based on something you learned at conference. Check your progress every week or so. This could be something new, or maybe you want to keep doing something you’re already doing.
  • Share some of your favorite quotes on social media.
  • Ask Church friends what their favorite moments were from conference.
  • Work on memorizing a quote you liked so that you can always have it with you.

What else helps you remember general conference?

To Think About

How can I keep conference messages with me over the next six months?