March 2024 Youth Magazine Special Issue
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It reinforced Erickson’s seminary testimony.

03/19/24 | 1 min read
What will you discover?

For Erickson, from Honduras, what he read in the March magazine went right along with what he was learning in seminary. (Scroll down to read his original words in Spanish!)

  • Favorite article: 7 Ways to Access Jesus Christ’s Strength
    “I like the part that says, ‘The word of God ... has the power to fortify the Saints ... so they can resist evil, hold fast to the good, and find joy in this life.’”

“This is my first year of seminary, and I’ve learned through my own experience that as we read the scriptures we definitely receive strength,” Erickson said. “The word of God has the power to strengthen us to resist evil, hold on to the good, and find happiness in life.”

Thanks for sharing, Erickson!

Each of you should be receiving a printed copy of the March special issue from your Church leaders. Which pages speak to your soul?


“Me impactó el artículo titulado ‘Siete maneras de obtener acceso a la fortaleza de Jesucristo’ de la revista de Marzo. Me gusta la parte que dice, ‘La palabra de Dios...tiene el poder de fortalecer a los santos...para que puedan resistir el mal, aferrarse a lo bueno y encontrar felicidad en la vida.’

“Este es mi primer año en seminario, por lo que he aprendido por experiencia propia que definitivamente al leer las escrituras, recibes fortaleza. La palabra de Dios tiene el poder de fortalecernos para que podamos resistir el mal, aferrarse a lo bueno y encontrar felicidad en la vida.”

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