LDS Media Library Is Now Gospel Media and Redesigned to Make Finding, Downloading, and Sharing Media Easier

Contributed By Hannah Mortenson, Church News

  • 14 May 2020

A young girl enjoys the features of the redesigned Gospel Media web page on

Article Highlights

  • Use Gospel Media to find, download, use, share, and enjoy inspiring Church-created media.

With thousands of unique videos, images, and songs, Gospel Media—a recently renamed and redesigned section of—is a powerful resource for gospel study, learning, and teaching.

The update began in 2019 when the name of the page was changed from LDS Media Library to Gospel Media, in accordance with the direction from President Russell M. Nelson to align all media channels and terminology more closely with the official name of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The new title, Gospel Media, now matches other Church mobile applications such as Gospel Library and Gospel Living.

The biggest change you will notice is the layout. The landing page displays each collection grouped by category or format. The new layout is designed not only to make content easier to find but to be mobile friendly. When you open Gospel Media on a web browser for a smartphone or tablet, you will notice the same accessible design and formatting from the desktop web page.

“Our hope is that [users] will be able to find, use, share, download, and enjoy Church-created media,” said Matthew Anderson, Gospel Media product manager. “Gospel Media was created as a central place where members can go to find media. We are striving to make it easier and better for them to do that.”

New Features

As part of the new design, Gospel Media now offers new navigation features, including a main menu bar that allows you to browse by content type (video, image, and so on), a topical directory with new categories, and extensive A–Z collection lists for video, images, and music.

Individual content pages now offer suggestions on related media dealing with the same category. Social media icons allow you to share content to your desired platform. Media pages are also being updated to include source links to scriptures or general conference talks that relate to the media at hand.

A new Publications page makes it easy for you to download written content in any desired file type. For example, you could download a copy of the Book of Mormon in a PDF, ePub, or MP3 file. Manuals, conference talks, and other audio resources are also available on the Publications page. This content was previously available on two separate web pages (one for audio, another for PDFs and e-books).

The Music and Audio page brings hymns, youth music, and the Children’s Songbook into a new dynamic player. There are also sing-along music videos for children and podcasts and radio stations from the Latter-day Saints Channel

Come, Follow Me also has a featured collection in Gospel Media. Suggested video and image resources from all three manuals have been organized by the weekly reading assignment. “This is a great place to turn when planning lessons for home or church,” said Anderson.

Using Gospel Media

With the launch of a new layout and increased navigability, Gospel Media materials can be used to strengthen individual and group gospel study, provide wholesome entertainment for children and families, and share Church-created media with others.

To access the resources, visit the Gospel Media home page. The site will continue to be updated with more media and language options in the coming months. Feedback on the new site can be submitted through this page.

A screenshot displaying the old web page design of Gospel Media.

A screenshot displaying the new Gospel Media web page, which was created to enhance the user experience and better meet members’ needs.

A screenshot highlighting the new navigation options in Gospel Media.

A screenshot displaying a video page in Gospel Media that highlights the new share buttons, related-content suggestions, and source options that are available for each media form.