Church Launches New “Walk with Christ” Email Series to Help Readers #HearHim

Contributed By Grace Carter, Church News writer

  • 8 May 2020

In a scene from the Bible Videos, disciples of Jesus Christ follow in His footsteps. has launched an “online journey” called Walk with Christ, inviting individuals to sign up for a series of 10 emails describing events in Jesus’s life.

“With each new day, you’ll get a chance to feel closer to Jesus Christ and have a better understanding of the joy and peace He can bring to your life,” the invitation reads.

In addition to depicting an event from the Savior’s life, each email will include an activity designed to help you practice principles He taught.

Walk with Christ is the latest resource in the Church’s 2020 #HearHim initiative, which has included social media invitations from President Russell M. Nelson and video messages.

You can sign up to receive the emails at

A screenshot from, where you can sign up to receive 10 Walk with Christ emails that teach about the Savior’s life and challenge you to live as He did.