Help Children Enjoy General Conference Too

Contributed By Camille West, Church News

  • 1 April 2017

Children color while listening to general conference.

The Friend magazine would love to hear what your children liked about the different sessions of conference. Email your child's picture, quote, and permission statement by the night of Sunday, April 2, to with “Conference Submission” in the subject line.

Parents and teachers can use resources on to help children have a good conference experience before, during, and after general conference.

The Church provides a variety of conference-related stories and activities to help children prepare for general conference before it begins, listen to and enjoy conference talks, and remember and apply the messages in the coming months.

Prepare for general conference

Help children become more familiar with Church leaders’ faces and stories from their lives. The more children know about a leader, the more interested they will be in what the leaders say during conference.

Children may enjoy and learn more from watching or listening to general conference if they have activities to keep them engaged.

Find more than 50 conference-related stories, activities, and media from the Friend magazine at

Listen to and enjoy conference talks

Additional general conference activities for children are at in English, Portuguese, and Spanish, including:

Remember and apply messages

Following conference, there are many ways parents can help keep the messages from general conference in your family’s minds and hearts throughout the coming months.

  • Review conference messages in family home evenings or on the Sabbath using the full text or videos, or this helpful summary of each talk. The Church magazines regularly feature conference messages you can share with your family, such as the Friend’s General Conference Reports for Kids or conference posters in the New Era.
  • Display recent conference quotes around the home. “One thing that I love to do is print off beautiful quotes (catch phrases or main points from each talk),” shared Celeste Billman. “I put them in a frame in our living room and change the quotes out regularly. This helps because my husband is not active, but he will answer the questions that our children have about the quotes. It allows us to discuss the talk and the messages and helps us to keep them in our hearts and in our homes.”

For more ideas, read the blog “Learning from General Conference as a Family” or the Friend’s General Conference Teaching Tips.

Children play a conference bingo while they listen to general conference.