Scripture Stories Coloring Book: Book of Mormon

Full Coloring Book (PDF)

Printed copies are available for 95 cents at, Distribution Services centers, Deseret Book, and other LDS booksellers.

Featuring the beloved stories from the Book of Mormon, this resource is designed to support family and individual scripture study. Each page in this book has four ways you can learn more from the scriptures: 

  1. A story from the Book of Mormon.
  2. A fun activity for the story.
  3. A chapter or verses where the story is in the scriptures.
  4. A challenge to search the scriptures for an answer to a question or to memorize the scriptures.

As you color each page, you can read the story from the scriptures or ask a family member to read it to you. Or, with your parent’s permission, listen to the scriptures on or in the Gospel Library mobile app.

The Book of Mormon: Another Testament of Jesus Christ

Title Page

Nephi Obtains the Brass Plates

1 Nephi 3–5 

The Tree of Life

1 Nephi 8

The Liahona

1 Nephi 16

Nephi Builds a Boat

1 Nephi 17–18


Laman and Lemuel Bind Nephi

1 Nephi 18


Doctrine of Christ

2 Nephi 31


Olive Tree Vineyard

Jacob 5

Enos’s Prayer

Enos 1

King Benjamin Addresses His People

Mosiah 2–5

Abinadi and King Noah

Mosiah 11–17

Alma Baptizes at the Waters of Mormon

Mosiah 18

Alma the Younger

Mosiah 27

Alma and Amulek in Prison

Alma 14

Ammon and the King’s Sheep

Alma 17


Abish Gathers the People

Alma 19

Anti-Nephi-Lehies Bury Their Weapons

Alma 23­–24


The Word Compared to a Seed

Alma 32

Moroni’s Title of Liberty

Alma 46


Moroni’s Fortifications

Alma 49

Stripling Warrior

Alma 56–57


The Pride Cycle

Helaman 6

Samuel the Lamanite

Helaman 13–15

Jesus Appears to the Nephites

3 Nephi 11

Jesus Blesses the Children

3 Nephi 17


Jesus Institutes the Sacrament among the Nephites

3 Nephi 18


The Twelve Nephite Disciples

3 Nephi 28


Ammaron Instructs Mormon Concerning the Sacred Records

Mormon 1

Mormon Compiles Sacred Writings

Words of Mormon 1

The Brother of Jared Sees the Finger of the Lord

Ether 2–3


Jaredite Barges

Ether 6

The Golden Plates: From Moroni to Joseph

Moroni 10