Working in the Kingdom


Working for the Church

Working for the Church means you’ll be part of a team where diverse individuals share a love for the gospel of Jesus Christ. It’s a workplace where your spiritual contributions are valued.

To put your talents and professional skills to work for Church employment, search and apply for available positions here.

Note: All applicants must be temple-worthy Church members.

Working for the Church is an incredible experience as you build your talents and help move the work of the Lord forward.
More Than a Job

The Blessings of Working in a Spiritual Environment

Working alongside others with a common commitment to the gospel is a blessing. It will enable you to accomplish the work in the Lord’s way. Starting meetings with prayer, sharing spiritual thoughts, and discussing general conference in a staff or project meeting happen regularly here.

The spiritual element of this environment will provide not only additional direction to your work but an added measure of peace in your life. New employees frequently express appreciation for a work environment where the Spirit can dwell.

The Most Important Work

Come engage in the most important cause on earth—building up the kingdom of God. Help others change their lives for the better, while simultaneously changing your own.

Ready to Apply?

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