Project and Product Management Jobs

From product, project, and program managers to business analysts and operations and solutions managers, a full range of management positions is needed to help the Church accomplish its mission.

From the product manager who develops mobile solutions to aid missionaries to the construction manager who oversees the building of a new Church meetinghouse, we’re looking for exceptional candidates to manage current and upcoming Church initiatives from inception to completion. If you’re good with details, planning, organizing, coordinating, and implementing, check out our general management positions. Responsibilities might include:

  • Developing overall strategy and overseeing day-to-day implementation of products or programs
  • Working with customers and stakeholders to gather business requirements
  • Ensuring delivery of products that meet business objectives
  • Prioritizing product enhancements that simplify the user experience
  • Coordinating project assignments among work groups
  • Defining success criteria and metrics
  • Performing post-implementation analyses and promoting ongoing improvement

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