Publishing your life through a blog can be an excellent way to share with the world what being a member of the Church means to you.

What Do I Share?

Missionary work can be as simple as living the way a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is expected to live. Telling your friends you went to church on Sunday, for instance, lets them know you participate actively in the gospel. By your everyday actions, others can also know that Mormons do not smoke and do not drink alcohol, coffee, or tea.

With a blog, you have an even greater opportunity to share your beliefs. Talk about your day-to-day life. Remember that some who read your blog may not understand traditional "Mormon jargon"; be careful to be clear in your writing. Share what you learn when you go to church. Share your family home evening experiences. Share how the Lord has blessed you. Bear your testimony where appropriate and if you are prompted by the Spirit.

Where Can I Blog?  How Can I Read Blogs?

Choose the blog medium that works best for you. Here are some sites where you can start a blog and start sharing with others online:

There is also technology you can use to be notified when there are new blog posts on the blogs you want to read and subscribe to. Google Reader is a great place to set up these notifications, or you can usually do this in your e-mail software. Some blogs even let you subscribe by e-mail.

How Do I Promote My Blog?

Start by notifying your friends and family that you have a blog. You can do this by phone or e-mail. You may also want to show them ways they can subscribe to your blog.

You can create a Twitter or Facebook account and share your new blog posts there with people who subscribe to you. Providing an RSS link or e-mail subscription through a service like also gives people a way to subscribe and continue reading your blog. Linking to other popular blogs from within your blog posts can also get the attention of those bloggers. Be respectful as you bring others into your conversation, and you will gain the attention of many.

Participate in the conversation! Conversation is crucial towards the success of any blog. Get to know what others are saying on the topics you want to write about. Comment on other blogs. Link to other blogs when you talk about the topics their authors are discussing. Most important, use the Spirit as you contemplate ways you can use your blog to share the gospel.