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Young Adults Together in Church: Mormon and Gay Website

What do I need to understand about same-sex attraction?

What causes same-sex attraction?

Is same-sex attraction a sin?

I have an appointment with a member who identifies as lesbian, gay, bisexual, or experiences same-sex attraction. What should I do or say?

How can I include or reach out to those who experience same-sex attraction in my ward or stake?

How can I help those in my ward or stake feel that they are loved, valued, and needed?

How do I minister to the “one” in the case of LGBTQ members?

Will the Church ever change its doctrine and sanction same-sex marriage?

How can I help members who identify as gay or experience same-sex attraction feel loved, welcomed, and inspired at church?

Should I recommend professional counseling to gay members and/or their families?

How do I help members who experience gender dysphoria or identify as transgender?

How can I support members and their families who may be experiencing depression or thoughts of suicide?

Are there restrictions on Church participation for members who identify as gay or experience same-sex attraction?

Why shouldn’t leaders encourage heterosexual marriage for those who experience same-sex attraction or identify as gay?

What is the counsel about acting on sexual impulses?