Members Share Blessings from Come, Follow Me
December 2019

Members Share Blessings from Come, Follow Me

The truths you can learn from using Come, Follow Me as a scripture study resource are relevant to all.

People reading scriptures

There have been a lot of changes in the Church recently, and it’s been amazing to see how much the Lord is hastening His work and helping the gospel spread throughout the world! One major change in particular, the introduction of the Come, Follow Me resource this year has blessed the lives of so many members who live in a variety of circumstances. From couples to widows to young adults to empty-nesters, their experiences with Come, Follow Me show that no matter where you are in life, the truths you can learn from scripture study are relevant to all, and they can give you access to blessings like strengthening your family, coming closer to Heavenly Father, and recognizing and receiving personal revelation. Here are a few stories from members around the world who were asked how using Come, Follow Me as a scripture study resource has blessed their lives:

“I actually read more scriptures now than I used to. … It has blessed our family and it has blessed me in being able to think about that more on a daily basis. It’s just a better structure throughout the week than it was before.” —Tim Peppers, Utah, USA

“[Everyone in our family] seems more engaged and more interested [in our scripture study]. We get to feel the Spirit a little bit more. … This program has unified us, and it has made us get along better and enjoy each other’s company more and respect each other’s opinions.” —Nicky Christensen, Kentucky, USA

“My experience with Come, Follow Me is special because it makes me feel closer to my Heavenly Father. They say you cannot love someone that you don’t know. And studying the lives of the prophets and Jesus Christ allows me to know them and love them. It makes me feel the love of Heavenly Father in all things. ... It has made me more receptive to see little things He does for me each day that I didn’t notice before.” —Carla Imelda Gutierrez, Mexico City, Mexico

Come, Follow Me can definitely bless young single adults because it will challenge them to take out the scriptures every single day  ... and to just feel God’s love and see what He wants them to learn and what He has in store for them.” —Angela Rivera, Kentucky, USA

“It has changed how I see my Sunday experience, but maybe more importantly, it has changed how I see my family experience. We strengthen each other and grow together all week long.” —Kim Peterson, Utah, USA

“It has changed the way I study the scriptures. … I’m motivated to read every day. And it is beautiful. [I feel like] the lessons are made for me.” —Maria Eugenia Cervin, Mexico City, Mexico

“This program made me consider my own beliefs and helped me feel closer to Heavenly Father. I feel more peace in my life. I find more joy in preparing lessons now. As a teacher, it makes me feel like this is making a difference in [my students’] lives.” —Jack Long, Kentucky, USA

“[After] I came home from my mission, it helped me a lot with the transition to study with my parents every day. [In the past,] we studied individually and we didn’t have that connection—there was no mutual strengthening. But since we started studying as a family, I can see how my family has been greatly strengthened. … Every time we study, we can feel the Spirit.” —Alan Vela, Mexico City, Mexico

“When the Spirit is invited into my life every day and into every part of it, I’m so much happier. I feel like I’m doing so much better. For me, really knowing and feeling that the Lord is on my side is the absolute best way I’ve found to deal with my life that is so full of uncertainties and unknowns.” —Jenna Peterson, Kentucky, USA