3 Truths I Learned from My Book of Mormon Social Experiment
November 2019

3 Truths I Learned from My Book of Mormon Social Experiment

It’s amazing how we can all learn lessons unique to our own lives from the same book.

Woman holding out a Book of Mormon

When I was a missionary serving on Temple Square in Salt Lake City, general conference was always my favorite time. For most of my mission, I spent my days talking to visitors on Temple Square who knew little to nothing about the Church. And although I loved teaching nonmembers, general conference weekend was exciting because I would get to talk to members who were visiting from all over the world.

During the October 2017 conference, I decided to take advantage of those few special days being surrounded by members of the Church and do my own little social experiment. I took a brand new copy of the Book of Mormon and started asking people outside of the Conference Center about their favorite verses. I asked them to highlight their favorite verse and then tell me why it was their favorite. Although it sounds like a simple question, my conversations with these members were some of the most sacred and special that I’ve ever had.

When they explained why certain scriptures were their favorites, I got a whole wide range of answers like:

  • “This verse taught me the power of gentleness.”

  • “This verse helped me understand the Godhead.”

  • “This verse helped me when my son passed away.”

  • “These two verses were an answer to my prayers about honesty.”

  • “This verse taught me that God just wants me to come home.”

  • “This verse inspired me to clean up my taste in music.”

  • “This verse told me to forgive my aunt.”

  • “This verse helped me realize my parents’ love for me.”

And so many more inspiring answers.

Listening to members testify of the Book of Mormon for two days taught me three things I absolutely know to be true:

  1. This book can change, help, and guide every single person who reads it.

  2. This book was written specifically for us, and it can shape our daily lives.

  3. This book is truly inspired by God.

I felt extremely spiritually full after speaking with these members—like my soul had just eaten a huge meal! I realized how loved the Book of Mormon is by the members of this Church. Their stories showed me how its messages can speak to us personally and individually and help us receive revelation from Heavenly Father. It’s amazing that we can all learn truths that are unique to our own lives from the same book!

I still read through that copy of the Book of Mormon I used in my experiment sometimes. When I come to a highlighted verse, I know that it’s someone’s favorite, so it makes me ponder upon it more than I normally would. It’s such a little treat to come to those highlighted verses.

I know that the Book of Mormon is true. I’ve studied it, and I love the wisdom I gain every time I read about our Savior Jesus Christ and the inspiring prophets of old. This book truly makes me want to do so much good. I know that if you invite the Holy Ghost as you study the Book of Mormon, you will receive so much inspiration, comfort, and direction in your life.