5 Steps for Making Conference Stay with You
May 2019

“5 Steps for Making Conference Stay with You,” Liahona, March 2018

5 Steps for Making Conference Stay with You

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Every April and October, we have the amazing opportunity to listen to modern-day prophets give us counsel directly from God. They prayerfully prepare their messages specifically for us—to guide us, teach us, answer us, and comfort us.

But after general conference ends and the days go by, remembering specific quotes, topics, promptings, or answers we received gets increasingly difficult. If we feel like we haven’t improved, we may start to feel discouraged as the next general conference approaches.

Never fear! There is a way we can keep the counsel from God in our hearts from one general conference to the next:

  1. After conference, choose one quote, lesson, principle, or whole talk that inspired you.

  2. Share it with your family and write it down somewhere you will see it every day.

  3. Make a goal for how you will apply that principle to your life each day.

  4. Support each other. Being accountable to others is great motivation!

  5. When the next general conference approaches, sit down with your family and share what you’ve learned and the blessings you’ve received from applying this principle.

If we work toward our specific spiritual goals, we will strengthen our testimonies and come closer to Heavenly Father.

Try it today!