September 2020

“Connect,” New Era, Sept. 2020, 24.


young woman cooking

Photograph Raul Sandoval

Andrea C., 13, Puerto Rico

I like to color, draw, paint, read, and do puzzles—every type of puzzle. But I love to cook and to eat. Especially bacon. I love everything that has to do with the kitchen—minus washing the dishes!

I use my cell phone or an iPad to play the music for the hymns in sacrament meeting. It’s actually my calling. I only get nervous when something goes wrong and I have to talk to the congregation to explain it. Normally it’s very easy—I just plug in the cable and play the music.

My testimony comes from all the prophets I’ve come to know: Joseph Smith, Thomas S. Monson (1927–2018), and Russell M. Nelson. Hearing the prophets’ testimonies feels really nice. When I heard President Nelson speak about reading the Book of Mormon, I felt peaceful. And then I starting reading the Book of Mormon, and I felt it again. Everything fits. It feels real. I also felt that feeling when my family went to the temple.

young man

Carl M., 17, New Zealand

I’ve always been a big fan of art. I love capturing beautiful moments through photography.

I started working a second job to earn money for my mission, but I wasn’t treated well, and it was coming at the expense of my schooling and happiness. When I fasted and prayed, the answer I got was to hand in my resignation immediately and that everything would be OK.

Now I’ve received multiple other work offers, including some for photography. I honestly believe that God is fulfilling His promise because I was obedient to His prompting.

sister and brother

Tabitha W., 13, Texas, USA

I love to bake, run, read, and dance. I also love hanging out with my family—I help my mom run her cookie business, and I love emailing my brother, who’s serving his mission. I’m also the only person who laughs at “dad jokes.”

I love the gospel because without it, my life would be extremely different and I wouldn’t have anyone to guide me or anything to motivate me during difficult times.