Captain Moroni

    “Captain Moroni,” New Era, Aug. 2020, 49.

    Figures from the Book of Mormon

    Captain Moroni

    New Era Magazine, 2020/08 Aug

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    • Became chief captain over all the Nephite armies when he was 25 (see Alma 43:17).

    • Was a brilliant military strategist—he prepared his people with armor and built forts that astonished the Lamanites (see Alma 43, 49, 50).

    • Created the title of liberty in memory of God, freedom, and family (see Alma 46:12).

    • Helped end a rebellion (see Alma 62).

    • Didn’t like violence but fought to protect his people.

    • Mormon said that if everyone were like Moroni, the powers of hell would be shaken forever (see Alma 48:17).