Finding Hope during the Pandemic

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“Finding Hope during the Pandemic,” New Era, June 2020, 30–31.

Finding Hope during the Pandemic

Temple attendance

When this pandemic began, I thought it would just pass quickly and would only last a few days. But as the days went by, we couldn’t have meetings, including seminary, youth activities, and sacrament meetings. We were told that we had to stay inside our homes for weeks, and we could only leave for essential activities.

While I’ve been home, I’ve seen that the Lord has given us all the things we need for this difficult time. We’re able to study the scriptures at home with Come, Follow Me, have seminary and school through video calls, and watch general conference from home.

One thing I’ve loved is that my family gets to be home more, and we’ve shared good moments as we’ve played games and spent time together. It’s usually difficult for us to come together during the week, so it’s been nice to all be home.

I’ve also been trying to develop spiritually. After conference, I realized we need to prioritize what’s really important—things like studying the scriptures, developing our faith and our testimonies, and helping strengthen those around us.

Just because we are going through difficult times doesn’t mean it has to be a bad time in our life. It just means that we have a chance to make ourselves better and go forward with faith. These adversities can help our faith grow, and we will have a much stronger testimony of the gospel when it’s all over.

Emma A., Spain

Studying the Scriptures

What Youth Are Saying

What are you doing to stay spiritually uplifted?

My mom suggested that I draw things related to the gospel. I chose to draw the Prophet Joseph Smith’s First Vision, and I really felt the Spirit when I drew it.

Ashwin V., India

I’ve been fasting and praying, like President Nelson asked. And all the young women in my ward are connecting online so we can still talk and have fun activities together.

Kotone S., Japan

What are you doing at home to grow in meaningful ways?

I’ve set new goals with the Children and Youth program. I’ve tried to set goals that I can do during the pandemic. For my intellectual goal, I decided I wanted to become a chess master, so my dad has been helping me practice. I’m still working on it, but it’s been a great way to spend time with my family.

Amber A., Singapore

My family all felt it would be important to start writing in our journals more. I’ve never been very good about writing in my journal, but it’s really helped me remember my blessings and know that I’m not alone, even in the hardest moments.

Mayah S., China

How are you staying positive?

One of my favorite scriptures is Mosiah 24:14. It reminds me of the love of our Heavenly Father and that Christ helps us with our burdens. We don’t need to be afraid!

Lucas R., Brazil

I just remember that Heavenly Father wants the best for each of us. We are going through this challenge, but this experience can strengthen us. We are learning to be of good cheer, look for the positive, remain productive, and see our blessings, which will help us with future challenges.

Ava D., Singapore