Pillar of Light
April 2020

“Pillar of Light,” New Era, Apr. 2020, 8–9.

2020 Youth Album

Pillar of Light

New Era Magazine, 2020/04 Apr
New Era Magazine, 2020/04 Apr

Darkness covered the earth.

People were looking for truth,

But it was taken away so long ago.

God was preparing their hearts

So He could light up the dark,

’Cause it was time for a new beginning.

There was a boy who needed answers,

One that was chosen by God.

So He went and found a place to pray.


And when He prayed,

A pillar of light rested on him.

The windows of heaven were opened again.

They called him by name.

Chosen by God, he was part of a bigger plan.

It all began with a pillar of light.

Shining light as the sun,

Heavenly rays of love

Started drowning out the darkness.

And everything that was lost

Was given back to us

In a spiritual restoration.

God showed us we were not forgotten,

And He provided a way,

All because a boy knelt to pray.