Fun Stop
March 2020

“Fun Stop,” New Era, Mar. 2020, 24–25.

Fun Stop

Fun Stop

The Extra Smile

boy with teacher

Why did I get a “D” on my report on “The Consequences of Procrastination?”

You turned it in late!

Val Chadwick Bagley

leprechaun at a bank

Rather than one big pot o’ gold, could I get ten wee ones instead? It’ll make it easier to pay me tithing!

Kevin Beckstrom

mother, father, and son ordering at restaurant

I’ll have the #7.

I’ll have the #2, please.

I’ll have page 4!

Ryan Stoker

Relic Replication

Can you find a single word that links the two clues together? The word will have two different meanings but only one spelling.

Example: Hot and dry. DESERT To abandon something.

  1. When tightly strung, this makes the fuzzy yellow-green ball fly faster. _____________ “Quit making all that noise!”

  2. Waxy barrier to a letter. _____________ Will bark for fish.

  3. Tight coil. _____________ Think of tulips venturing aboveground.

  4. Rip that paper off! _____________ Don’t live in the past or the future.

  5. “Hi,” from a distance. _____________ How the moon plays with water.

  6. Neverending metal. _____________ When a bell just can’t take the silence any longer.

  7. Pick up where you left off. _____________ “Why do I have to list three references?”

  8. “If I could remember this, I could text her!” _____________ What a dentist’s next shot makes you.

  9. A traditional time for a date. _____________ Adjusting the odds to make them more fair.

Riddle Brothers

Lehi’s family was by the seashore getting ready to build a ship. The littlest brothers, Jacob and Joseph, were crying. Sariah asked them what was the matter. They said they were eating honeycomb but put it down to go get their wooden camel dolls. When they came back, the honeycomb was gone. Sariah went and asked her other sons what they were doing when the honeycomb disappeared. Sam said he was gathering rocks where Nephi told him to find ore for tools. Lemuel said he was doing whatever Laman was doing. Laman said he was down at the beach tossing scrap wood into the water and watching them sink underwater. Nephi said he was at his forge. Sariah immediately told Laman and Lemuel to give the honeycomb back to Jacob and Joseph or get them a new one. How did she know they had taken it?

Conference Culture Quiz

Without looking them up, can you guess which of the following pop culture references was not spoken in general conference?

  1. “The adversary would have you believe that the task before you exceeds your abilities in every conceivable way. … A potent argument to this destructive line of thinking was once spoken by the venerable starship captain Jean-Luc Picard: ‘Things are only impossible until they are not.’”

  2. “When we are partially in or not in at all, there is, in the Star Wars vernacular, ‘a disturbance in the force.’”

  3. “And so, the very normal and unremarkable hobbit found himself darting out his front door to the path of adventure so quickly that he forgot his hat, walking stick, and pocket handkerchief.”

  4. “By now we were ready to board the boat which would carry us in a vertical dive that evoked screams from the passengers … I noticed on one wall a small sign declaring a profound truth: ‘You can’t run away from trouble; there’s no place that far!’ These few words have remained with me. They pertain not only to the theme of Splash Mountain but also to our sojourn in mortality.”

Relic Replication

What’s a hink pink (a rhyming word pair) for a skin care product made out of seaweed and hermit crab shells? Ocean lotion! (Feel free to groan.) Can you figure out the rest of the hink pinks? Some are more than two words.

  1. When someone challenges you to ask of God.

  2. When you show up to rake leaves for your neighbor, but you’re freaked out because the leaves are full of spiders.

  3. Ancient wooden boxes that you might put the original Book of Mormon record in.

  4. Whispered gossip that there might be some funny jokes happening soon.

  5. A promise you make to mature and develop.

  6. How you access the “narrow way” to salvation (see 3 Nephi 27:33).

  7. The abyss into which New Year’s resolutions often disappear.

  8. When you undertake a journey to ace your next history exam.

  9. When a slow song starts up, you make eye contact with someone cute, and then completely freeze up and can’t utter a word.

  10. Bonus: A fine imposed for gulping down your spearmint after realizing how awesome the Church’s new curriculum is.


Conference Culture Quiz

A was the imposter! B, spoken by Elder Sabin, Apr. 2017 general conference. C, spoken by Elder Uchtdorf, Oct. 2019 general conference. D, spoken by President Monson, Apr. 1998 general conference.

Relic Replication

1: racket; 2: seal; 3: spring; 4: present; 5: wave; 6: ring; 7: resume; 8: number; 9: evening

Hink Pink Think

1: prayer dare; 2: nervous service; 3: gold plates old crates; 4: humor rumor; 5: growth oath; 6: straight gate; 7: goal hole; 8: test quest; 9: dance trance; 10: Come, Follow Me gum swallow fee

Riddle Brothers

Wood floats, so Laman must have been lying.