2un Stop

    “Fun Stop,” New Era, Feb. 2020, 42–43.

    Fun Stop

    Fun Stop

    The Extra Smile

    boy with horn, girl with flute

    No one ever asks me to play in sacrament meeting.

    Summer Bird

    porcupine with doctor

    I think I can explain the feeling of pins and needles in your back.

    Jon Clark

    young men talking

    Looks like it’s going to be another lonely Valentine’s Day. Cupid must’ve taken archery lessons from the Nephites who shot at Samuel the Lamanite!

    Arie Van De Graaff

    A Challenge from Your Little Brother

    Your little brother has decided the only way to decide who gets to eat his leftover Valentine’s candy is to see who can successfully complete his challenge on the first try. (It’s between you and your parents.) He’s carefully arranged a group of building blocks in a particular order. Can you figure out ahead of time the order you must pick them up if you have to take the top one each time? Three have been done for you.

    Fantastic Fishing

    Six young women can catch six fish in six minutes at the local fishing pond. Assuming their luck and pace holds, how many young women would it take to catch 60 fish in 60 minutes? (Hint: it’s not 60.)

    A Quiz in Couplets

    Fill in the empty spaces with the names of these people from the Book of Mormon. Then unscramble the letters in circles to find a word Joseph Smith once used to describe the Book of Mormon.

    1. As I preached upon the wall,

      arrows hit me not at all. (See Helaman 16:2.)

    2. People fainted throughout the scene.

      I’m the servant who woke the queen. (See Alma 19:16, 28–29.)

    3. Tied up tight by my brothers’ hands,

      I prayed for strength, then broke those bands. (See 1 Nephi 7:17–18.)

    4. The other servants stared in shock,

      while I defended my new king’s flock. (See Alma 17:33–39.)

    5. I share names with my prophet dad,

      I’m now righteous, but once was bad. (See Mosiah 27.)

    6. I taught people their sins to seek,

      Demanded a sign, then couldn’t speak. (See Alma 30:48–50.)

    7. When Lehi’s family crossed the waters,

      With him went my sons and daughters. (See 1 Nephi 7:4–5.)

    8. Curious by nature, I sailed from sandy shore,

      Seeking out the north, I was never heard of more. (See Alma 63:5–8.)

    Unscamble for Solution


    A Challenge from Your Little Brother

    There are many solutions. Have fun.

    Fantastic Fishing

    Not 60, nor even 10. Our original group of six young women is all that’s needed.

    A Quiz in Couplets

    1. Samuel 2. Abish 3. Nephi 4. Ammon 5. Alma the Younger 6. Korihor 7. Ishmael 8. Hagoth

    Solution: keystone.