“How can I show charity to others and avoid being so quick to judge?”

    “How can I show charity to others and avoid being so quick to judge?” New Era, Sept. 2019, 26–27.


    “How can I show charity to others and avoid being so quick to judge?”

    young women

    Help Everyone

    Being charitable does not just mean helping people who “look poor or homeless” as we might think. Sometimes, we have a bad habit of helping only the people who outwardly seem most in need. We sometimes judge people based on how they look, but each person needs a little help. Even your good friend may need help from you. No matter who we help, we will receive blessings from Heavenly Father.

    Axel R., 18, Chihuahua, Mexico

    Put Yourself in Their Shoes

    When we see someone in need, sometimes we don’t take it seriously. But before you judge someone, imagine yourself in their place. Doing this helps us not to judge people in need. When we pray for humility, we can see their needs more easily and we find ourselves wanting to help rather than judge.

    Kolob G., 18, India

    Be Quick to Serve

    I think we can show charity through everyday kind acts of service. Instead of being quick to judge, we could try to be quick to compliment and radiate positivity.

    Molly M., 15, Maryland, USA

    Act as the Savior Would

    If you have a thought or a feeling that you know will not please Heavenly Father, try to imagine what you would do if Jesus were standing next to you. We should always be trying to help someone and be more Christlike. A way we can show charity is to make it a goal to help at least one person a day. When we strive to do this, we are happier and feel great about helping a child of God.

    Zach R., 15, Arizona, USA

    Think Before You React

    Many of us react too quickly to others and do things we wish we hadn’t done. We may judge others because of appearance. But if we think before we act, we will be filled with more charity and we will make better decisions. Also, if we get to know our friends better, our shared experiences will build our testimonies.

    Samuel E., 12, Washington, USA